RADEI is a regional development agency, established in 2002. Founding members of our organization are the City of Belgrade, Belgrade Chamber of Commerce and Institute of Economic Sciences. As an institution governed by the Law on Regional Development, over the past years we became the key coordinator of the development of the Belgrade Region and recognized as such by domestic and international development institutions.
RADEI represents the key factor of development processes of Belgrade Region, with the role to serve as a neutral broker and networking meeting point for public, private and civil sector in the region. RADEI staff has an extensive experience in project management funded by EU, international and national donors. Our staff is experienced in the project management cycle as a whole, from preparation phase, through implementation, coordination and monitoring, as well as in reporting and dissemination of the results.
RADEI successfully prepared and implemented projects funded by EU, international and bilateral donors, as well as national funds in sectors of regional cooperation, socio-economic development, entrepreneurship, youth education, competitiveness and innovation.
As a main regional service provider in the Belgrade Region, RADEI supports city administration and other regional stakeholders (public entities and enterprises funded by the City of Belgrade) in preparing project proposals and implementing approved projects. Through education, training and consulting services to its stakeholders in areas of project management, tourism, culture, rural development, green solutions, innovative and sustainable economic growth, RADEI attracted projects that contributed to the development of the Belgrade Region.
Belgrade as a developed European region.
RADEI Belgrade as a:
- focal point for strategic development of the City of Belgrade as a European region
- focal point for European integration process in the Belgrade Region
- focal point for coordination of funding sources and activities for the realization of projects
- focal point for strong support to SME sector
1. development of Belgrade region, in accordance to national and regional strategic documents, but also in line with modern development trends of European regions,
2. dynamic and effective SME and agriculture sector development, which are the pillar of new job creation and more quality economy structure,
3. developed and coordinated capacities of City administration and City municipalities in the Belgrade region,
4. securing the necessary resources for realization of key development projecets in the Belgrade region, from domestic and international sources, with the aim of supporting EU integration and support to the City budged.
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